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Tuesday, 15 September 2009

New haircare

I have tried so many shampoos and conditioners in the past and guess what? I still haven't found the one I would repurchase.

So my new haircare is:
Yeah heard so many raves about this, that I thought it would now be my turn to try it out.
It was 3 for 2 offer so I thought why not and since my old Dove was running out.

I know, I know I bought 2 different shampoos because mum said shampoo runs out quickly and she doesn't like volume 'cause she has enough of it so she opted for Miracle Moist.

My verdict? I say this would be great for those who have normal hair thickness. I personally love the smell of this, it's like a fruity bubblegum fragrance in my opinion. I was hoping that it won't let my hair fall out too much but it did just like the previous shampoo I have used (pantene, l'oreal elvive, samy fat hair, john frieda, nicky clarke etc. sorry too much to list xD)

Does it volumise? Not really, probably 'cause I have thin hair T_T

The 3 Minute Miracle Frizz Remedy (gee such a long name =_=) is all right too, it's just a good kind of treatment/conditioner, not something enormously different that I have ever tried before.

That's pretty much it that I can say about these, though I am worrying about my hair falling out too much T_T

Just a couple of days ago I went to look into my jewellery box to look for something cool.
And I found this!
I bought this at River Island like 2 years ago O_O LOL yeah long time I know and it hasn't gone rusty! Yeyy! One of the diamond came off though >.< I think I got this for £7.99. I thought it was kind of expensive but I just bought it anyways 'cause it was too pretty! xD

Yes finally reuniting with the old good necklace <3 I missed chu! (lol retarded moment)

I am planning on getting a blazer for school, and I been eyeing this one for quite a while now:
£25 from New Look - So gonna get this soon muhahahaha XD

Then team it up with this beanie:
Not this colour though, it's more on the greyish side but the site didn't have that colour so just posting this up to show you the style xD £6 from New Look also.

Then I'll wear this with jeans and converses or black skinny trousers with black pumps.

Woo! Will post the pictures when I do get around to getting these =D



Anonymous said...

OHHH!! WOMAN I USE AUSSIE TOO ;) Works wonders! You should try their serum too, my hair is uber dry from over-dying it - the serum helps my ends (Y).
Lol & I gots that black beanie from TOPSHOP.


Blair said...

Pwitty necklace!

Can't wait to see your OOTD!

CS said...

All I can say is you are pretty and you write well. I lover your necklace too. But I am dog lover and i like to share with you this link for your viewing. I love this song and it matches the pic of the dog. Dog left its owner in July 09.. Very depressing.. Enjoy the vid okay

Marcia B. said...

woo yes a beanie is a must have, i need one too! the blazer is cute. Thx for the comment. xxx

Lisa Drives A Van said...

hehe yess go for it and get the tea tree superdrug stuff! they always have good offers on! i love aussie hair products, they smell delicious yum yum!

Lorien BeautyLove said...

I wish there was Aussie products avialable in Australia! So silly that its called Aussie if theres none in Australia lol Oooo I use l'oreal elvive!!! Love the stuff!!! Its great because it doesnt make product build up like some other supermarket brands :) xx

Fashion By He said...

great find with teh necklace

come check out the first ever fashion blog from a guys point of view, let He know what you think


leslielovesmakeup said...

on the bottle it claims to take off waterproof mascara but i don't wear it so i wouldn't know. but it seems to do a fair job at removing my eyeshadows when i use my elf primer. i love the song on your page btw!

x3Hayleyy said...

Thanks for following me hun, i'm following you too <3 xo

Aralka said...

Cute neckleace and I like this jacket ^^

lilluna5416 said...

the beanie and blazer combo is great for the fall i am planning on buying like 5 beanies in the next few wks lol

aniiita89 said...

thanks hun <3
ive never tried aussie before
but i heard some pretty good reviews:)

i love blazers:)
especially boyfriend blazers at the moment lol

Lisa Drives A Van said...

I know what you mean, i could never do a brown smokey eye without it looking like id been beaten up until i got that pallette. i think its cause the browns werent like dirty looking haha :) and mesmerized eyes is soooo annoying and confusing i really want to buy some contacts but the batch is closed or something :/ *huff*

Lisa Drives A Van said...

thank you so much for referring me to that website! im just verifying my paypal so money can be transfered out of my bank account :D so hopefully i can get some real soon. wow they are like $5 cheaper too!! do you know how long they take to arrive if youve bought from that shop before? thanks again you are a diamond!


Lisa Drives A Van said...

Hmm im thinking the green or brown angel geo lenses? what do you reckon? Do you have to pay as soon as you order because im still waiting on my paypal to get verified! they said i have to wait 3 to 5 days :( Grrrrrrr! Thank you for the delivery information

I hate doing homework too, i end up leaving it all last minute. but since ive returned after summer ive been recieving english homework every lesson :(

Lisa Drives A Van said...

oh by the way do you want me to write that you referred me to the blog so that you can get a $2 discount next time you buy more lenses? if so just reply to me with your full name that you used on there :D


Yumeko said...

i tried the 3 min miracle and i like it too

strange though, i never see this in australia XD

Jian said...

I tried miracle moist shampoo too and quite liked it!

And that river island necklace is actually faring REALLY well for a couple of years! It's cute as well!

I realllllllly want to go shopping, but I'm too pudgy at the moment. I just feel like I look hideous in everything, so I guess that means I have to lose weight first =_=

Jian said...

Hahaha~ By your photos I'd say you're a lot skinnier than me so you have nothing to worry about xD

I've given up already, and I dress like a tramp. Although I've already checkoued all the girls at medical school (in a non-creepy way) and I've decided that they are a very unfashionable bunch so it doesn't matter. =D I'm guessing your in Sixth form now? Year 12? or 13?

Lisa Drives A Van said...

Ohhhhh i didn't make it into the last batch :( i might do a blog post advertising that site so a few more people order from there so i can get my lenses quicker :P haha. The brown geo lenses look great on you though! I'm going to be so scared about putting them in when i recieve them though because your eyes are like the most important sense!

I know what you mean about late nights, i get like 6 hours sleep a night and wake up feeling like a zombie :( I promised myself that i would do work that was set as soon as i got the work but that hasnt worked.. i should try and motivate myself a bit more haha

ohhh your vietnamese too! my mum's last name is Nguyen..but i guess thats a common name anyway LOL


✿Ji✿ said...

Aww what a cute necklace!♥

Gaby said...

What a beautiful necklace!

I'm following your blog (=

Eugenia said...

I am a big fan of Aussie! It does work very good and smells great!