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Friday, 30 October 2009

Awakening Mermaid EOTD & mini haul

Was just playing around with make-up today and I came up with this:

I call this the 'Awakening Mermaid' look. The vibrant teal colour represents the mermaid, dark navy represents the ocean, and the golden brown represents the sand/sea shore.

Items used:

~ Sleek palette: Teal, Dark Navy, Golden Brown
~ Gosh Waterproof Eyeshadow in Love That Brown: base
~ Revlon palette in 20 Sunrise, Sunset: Soft Peachy colour
~ Bourjois Guide de Style: Teal

I used the teal from Bourjois to intensify the teal colour from the sleek palette. That is why it is very vibrant. Dark navy as a crease colour and the soft peachy colour as a highlight on the browbone. Lined my bottom lashline with the golden brown.

(Messy hair, I know >.<)

A couple of days ago I bought 3 things:

~ John Frieda Frizz-Ease Hair Serum
~ naturalhigh eye cream
~ Blistex relief cream

Ran out of this so immediately had to get this. It's winter soon so got to keep those chapped lips away and this does the job!

I was getting sick of my Garnier eye roll on since it didn't do anything for me anymore so I decided to get this. It was on sale so had to grab it. So far so good and keeps my eye area moisturised.

Needed a hair serum and I saw this on offer and was quite cheap so I though why not. Bought it, used it, love it! It seriously made my hair shinier and softer! Might have to go out and get another bottle :D



Zoe said...

Wow..the mermaid look is very pretty, love ur hair in that picture^^..Can u do reviews on the naturalhigh eye cream and hair serum?I am a fan of eyecreams and hair serums,thanks^^...

Ahleessa said...

The EOTD does remind me of a mermaid. It came out gorgeous and you're so adorable!

Uinisan said...

love the EOTD... it's very aqua, mermaid-ish...colours which I can probably never pull off~~~ And I just lost my lip balm days ago and immediately had to go out and buy another tube, so I know how you feel when you just need to have it!!! hahaahahah..

Anna said...

really pretty EOTD !
i could never pull bright blue off ):

xppinkx said...

ello dollface!!!

i swear you have the cutest style ever! just flipped back to the post with the gray booties...you really need to do more who what wears...I LOVE EM!!! but best yet i still love the green look!!!

happy halloween doll!

Blair said...

Awww... you look gorgeous with your mermaid makeup!

Toothfairy said...

I didn't like the frizz ease serum at all! hmmm maybe I didn't use it right haha!


-elle♡ said...

that's such a nice mix of colours!! :D
you are so pretty! love your hair


hi there! this is a really pretty look (: i left you an award on my blog, go check it out! <3

*aly said...

Hey girl, the mermaid look is really pretty. As for your hair, tsk tsk, that ain't messy, wait till you see mine. Lol. I'm glad to finally be back but I'll be gone again for my exams. XX

Lisa Drives A Van said...

omg love your look! sorry for the late reply :( false eyelashes dont take too long to put on after you master putting them on :D practice makes perfect as they all say. to help keep them in place put more glue on the ends of the lashes rather than the centre!

hehe i noticed you saw the green OPI nail colour! you made me want that colour sooo much.

hope you've had a nice half term

Yumeko said...

pretty color! i love the tone/color of it all!

Jian said...

WAAAH! It's so pretty!! I love the EOTD!

Also, the blistex soothing cream thing is good? I bought one of the roll-ons, I think it was like moisture splash or something. It was like a film of oil sitting on my lip. It was rough and didn't do anything ><

Angele said...

Oh great I just love the "Awakening mermaid" look! This is the perfect name for the perfect colors! So pretty ^^

Lisa Drives A Van said...

i still can;t get over the amazing eye make up! youve blended it all so well and the colours are soooooooooo beautiful. and im in desperate need of some blixtex right now! my lips are dying due to the cold weather

Torie Jayne said...

Hi, gorgeous eye colour! Have a sweet day!

Anonymous said...

Your hair looks great!!