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Sunday, 3 January 2010

A piece of me in...

So it's another month to post up 'a piece of me', hosted by the Toothfairy :) Anyone who hasn't started you can join right away! Just go visit the Toothfairy and sign up! :)

I like: YOU! <3

I don't like: the fact that it's less than 2 weeks until my exams and yet I have not revised at all this holiday, but then again I only got myself to blame *bad Linhzzz*.

I want you to know that: I am going to broaden up my knowledge of different types of food from various parts of the world instead of hogging so much Italian. So far on my list is Spanish & Mexican.

I've planned: to hit the gym once the exams are over <--- Been saying this for the past 2 years and have never accomplished it so hopefully I'll make it this year *fingers crossed*

I want to say to someone special: Hi! :)

That's all from me & looking forward to reading others :)



Zoe said...

I think Mexican food is really yummy but haven't tried any Spanish food yet, good luck in ur exams and fingers crossed for going to the gym , I have to cross my fingers for myself too coz I am getting so lazy these days,lol..

Organised Chaos said...

lol you're like my cousin :L she says se's gonna go to the gym for ages and hasnt been yet :| and same about the revising :| not good but i blame you ;p

Blair said...

tapas, paella and sangria! those are the only spanish food that i know lol!

is the studio finish concealer good? i have heard of peachykeen! it is a popular shade =D

stellawantstodie said...

well, im spanish and I must to say tha spanish food is delicious!!


thnx for your comment!

Toothfairy said...

Good luck with the exams, blergh!

Spanish food should be yum, only spanish I had so far is some tapas, but still, I think it's good... and oh paella is really really good!

and the gym thing... yeah, I've been saying it for years too!


viickietoria said...

haha i need to hit the gym.. WE SEEM TO FEEL EACH OTHER'S PAIN ABOUT WORKING OUT/EATING . hahaha (:

Linhy said...

Thanks for the comments =] cant wait for the fresh new kitchen and bathroom, totally understand how it'll be so much easier to stay on top of keeping it clean hehe..

I love Revlon colorstay eyeliner and that lipstick looks so natural on you, when I swatched it in-store I thought it was too dark, must go and test it out again.

Good luck with the revision and upcoming exams ^^