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Saturday, 29 August 2009


We miss you and love you very much, hope you're having fun on this very special day!

I still can't get over the fact that he's gone =( but we should be happy 'cause we've had him <3

So today I went to Bicester Village, it was so pretty! I loved the idea of small houses turned into these 'luxury outlet boutiques'. Definately one of my favourite shopping places now. But I can't go there often, the train ticket is at least £17 plus something around £4 for the taxi bus ¬¬ so probably will return there next year or if someone I know has a car and can drive me there ^.^

Anyways, my mum bought me 3 things as like a present for my GCSE results :D

 YES! I finally got a new purse! Geebuz my current one is getting ripped so I been looking for a nice one to replace it, and this one is just right! It retails for £30 but at the outlet it was £19 but when I went to pay it was only £13.30 'cause they were doing additional 30% off. I was totally ZOMGING! Same thing with the bag as well, from £60 to £49 to £34.30! The whole package was under £50! I was happs =P

Then was looking for some jeans, I tried like gazillions O___O and kept being dissapointed. They jeans I tried on were either not my size, too long, or too tight at the top ¬¬ geebuz that's why I hate shopping for jeans geebuz =_= BUT! I found a nice pair at Miss Sixty! It's the not so skinny but slim/straight and laid back style or what they call 'binky' O_O, they retail for £70 but I got them for £43.90! What a bargain xD

So yeah that's all my mum bought for me, and she also bought some stuff for herself. I really like these outlet boutiques =P next stop is Ashford one muhahahahaha xD

I will end this post with some of the pictures my mum took of me =)

Yes I am pointing at the bear =)

Did I say that a bee kept following me throughout the whole day? I swear, I don't carry pollen with me! ¬¬



✿Ji✿ said...

Hihi so cute, I love your outfit!♥

Blair said...

Your mum is so sweet! And that purse is fab!!!