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Friday, 28 August 2009

GCSE Results & Haul

ZOMG finally got my results yesterday! I wasn't really nervous, I just opened the envelope and didn't even know what to look at O_O too many papers! I got 4 As, 2 Bs and 2 Cs. It was what I expected so I wasn't really happy or sad just glad I finally got the results. I did hope to get no Cs but they weren't on the main subjects so it was all right. I am still waiting for my BTEC business results which gives 4 GCSEs O_O. They making me anxious now T__T.

But anyways...recently been buying some stuff and will do more to celebrate my results!

Yush! I finally bought the converses I been eyeing for quite a while. Never used to be a fan of them >.< whenever my friends bought it I thought 'Eww stop wearing them!' but I guess now I realise they actually do look good =) been wearing them everyday as well! <3 I bought these at OFFICE for around £33 - got a 10% discount because my mum bought her student card with her yeyyyy! Thank you mum!

Also finally found a bag that I ACTUALLY like! I was so happy 'cause I own absolutely no hand bags except for this other small one that I don't even carry anymore =(. Bought this at River Island for £39.99, their bags always have to be so expensive ¬¬ but I really do love this bag, it's the perfect size, not too big or not too small and will carry this to school! There was a similar yellow one a couple of months ago, when I saw it on the website I was like 'ZOMG NEEDA GET THAT!', then I went to the shop and looked at it and thought 'Wow too small or what O_O' so I ended up not getting it, glad I didn't 'cause now I got a better one! Yeyyy <3

I really wanted to buy this so I did O_O I wouldn't have if mum said no but she was like 'HEY GET THE GOLD ONE! YOU ONLY PAY £5 MORE!' =______= so I ended up buying it and £24 down the drain =( so sad ... BUT HEY I gots a better eyelash curler now! lol hmmm I say this is a good one? It certainly doesn't pinch your eyes so thats a good thing but since it was so expensive I have this thing where I can't apply too much pressure because I'm scared I will break it or create a dent in the pad thing =_= uhh ohh well but I do feel like it was waste of money T___T nuuuu let's not feel that way - IT IS GOLD! (plated ¬¬) I want to try out the heated ones now, but the one that looks like a comb not the ones like this but with heat on, ew no way, I bought one like 4 or 5 years ago and threw it away after like 3 months 'cause it SUX! lol

So yeah that's my post for today, I actually got other stuff I bought that I want to post but I will save that for next time =P

P.S. Ok so yesterday evening I went to watch a horror/thriller movie at the cinemas to celebrate GCSE results, me and my friends watched 'Orphan' and ZOMGGGGGGGGGGGGGG IT WAS FRIGGIN' SCARY I TELL YA! This is like the second scary movie that has really scared meh T________T BUT IT WAS SO GOOD! There are some funny parts as well! But wow for the whole entire film, I kept on shivering and covering my eyes but not literally 'cause I peaked through my fingers LOL! I didn't want to miss out on any parts. I have finally experienced a scary movie at the cinemas and it was worth it!


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lilluna5416 said...

love love love the bag! wish we had a river island!