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Sunday, 23 August 2009


3 days ago my mum woke me up and gave me a small package. I knew only one thing...It was from Mesmerizedeyes! I was super duper excited! I even started kissing the box O__O ewww LOL but yes onto the circle lenses =P

They came in a small flat rate box

Inside, there was a leaflet on how to insert and remove contacts as well as on how to take care of them. And of course the business card.

Each lens came in one vial jar

I ordered Angel Browns, took me ages to decide 'cause I wanted at least 3 pairs O_O but I had to try one first to see if it's comfortable enough otherwise it would be a waste T_T

But yeah they turned out to be quite alright, not as comfy as I expected since I can feel that I'm wearing them. Perhaps I need eyesdrops O_O

Here's some pics before and after...erm didn't take them on the same day, I'm so lazy ~

Before...ew not sucha nice picture >.<

After...much better =P

The girls who sell these lenses are really sweet and nice, I really recommend Mesmerizedeyes to anyone who wants to purchase circle lenses!

And here are full face shots

Ewww I didn't know my face came out this white O_O I took the pictures in daylight from the window O_O I guess it must have been the SPF in my foundation ¬¬ & yes I did photoshop my pictures 'cause I am going through a bad skin season ¬_¬ hopefully it will clear up soooooon, this happens every summer now nuuuu T____________T

But yeah that's all for today. Hauling post up next probably.



Lisa Drives A Van said...

Hey are the lenses hard to put in and take out? i really want a pair but im so curious about this and if it would cause irritation to my eyes :(

Anonymous said...

I have the same hello kitty top! H&M all the way!! :)
Angel brown suits you well!

makeupxmusic said...

awh, you look so cute with those contacts!

and to Lisa Drives A Van, contacts just take time to get used to, and they shouldn't irritate your eyes if you get a good contact solution.

xxNikkiDooxx said...

I looove your HK top. :)