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Tuesday, 1 September 2009

I am 17...

...TODAY! Yush Happy Birthday to me, got some notifications on facebook and in school too due to the enrolment day. Just staying in the same old school but planning to move to a better one after I finish my first year.

I am 17 yet I still feel like a child, don't worry I know when to act mature but I find it boring sometimes O_O

Anyways ...

For my birthday my friend got me like 3 O.P.I nail polishes, I was like O___O wows I didn't know she got me these, I thought it was the Hello Kitty bracelet >.< but she got me the lime colour (Hey! Get In Lime!) that I been eyeing for ages! As well as base coat and top coat! On top of that she made me a very cute card full of love, she knows I love the word 'cakey' 'cause I say it so much! Thank you huyenzyyy! <3

A couple of days ago she also did my nails! Only on one hand though, I don't know why but it was difficult to do it while sitting on the bed and no table =( but I think she did a great job!

Erm excuse my nails, they gone a bit yellow because I been wearing nail polish without a base coat =( but now that I have one, I won't have to worry about that!

I don't normally do nail art, I nearly always wear this colour:
O.P.I No Bees Please
I like it because it's subtle and suits my skintone =)
Erm FOTD I guess? Nothing much on my face though but I will list them anyways:

~ Revlon Colorstay Foundation (Combination/Oily Skin Sand Beige - HG STUFF!)
~ Revlon Colorstay Eyeliner in Black/Noir
~ Shiseido Mascara Base (HG STUFF)
~ Max Factor False Lash Effect Mascara (HG STUFF)
~ Random brown eyeshadow on my eyebrows from a no7 palette O_O
~ Revlon Super Lustrust Lipgloss in Pink Crystals
~ Geo Angel Brown Circle Lenses

That's it really O_O Ohh and ermm what do you call it ... *think* OHH YEAH OOTD!
~ Satin teal blouse from New Look
~ Waistcoat from Next
~ Jeans from Miss Sixty
~ Necklace from New Look

By the way I wore this outfit with a pair of converses and aviators, though it does look nice with some nice black pumps or courts.

P.S. Please excuse my slipper on the floor, random sainsbury's bag, and my phone charger wire, this always happens =_= random thing popping into my pictures without me knowing until I USB my phone and see the pictures on the computer ¬¬

So that's it for today =D

Wait! No I gotta say this. I am having a dilemma. I want to switch to the new layout version of the blogspot but umm I like this one but then I want to have that followers gadget, how can I add it without having to upgrade to the new version T_T if anyone knows that would be great! <3



Blair said...

Hmmm? Followers gadget? You can find it in 'Layout -> Page Elements -> Add a Gadget'

and, Happy Belated Birthday, sweetheart!!!

Eugenia said...

HAPPY BDAY!!!!! I love the nails btw :)

Blair said...

I'm glad everything worked out in the end! So sorry that I couldn't be of help ;p

Lisa Drives A Van said...

Happy belated birthday!
love that green O.P.I polish! my mum has it hehe. hope you had a wonderful day

Lisa Drives A Van said...

Heyyy im replying back here because it's so confusing! I never know where to reply to people hehe. I soooooo want to get some of those contact lenses buttt it all seems so confusing and i don't even know the total cost in Pounds because everything is stated in US dollars on the website. And also i have like 0p in paypal so how did you pay for them? It would be so much easier if we could buy them here in the uk! hehehe i know what mums are like, mine is the same and moans at me whenever i have a parcel arriving at my door in the morning!! Thank you so much for letting me know your experiance with the lenses, at least i feel that they are safe to use cause i have really sensitive eyes:D thanks again lovely

Lorien BeautyLove said...

Happy Bday for the 1st!!! Love your nails, and the vest is so gorgeous!!! I have a black vest that I wear allll the time! theyre such a classic wardrobe staple :) xx

Anonymous said...

Thanks hunny ^^
Happy be-lated birthday also!
Yeah jeans from Primark £8 (Y) Then rip it up rather than spending like £20+ for ripped jeans. Such a wallet burner!