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Sunday, 25 October 2009

Clothing haul :D

Finally got some money to splash out for a few items. Here's what I bought recently:

~ Blazer £20 from New Look (originally £25 but I took the advantage of the 20% student discount bwahahaha)

~ T-Shirt £7 from New Look (sale) Anyone use to watch this? I definately did :D

~ Oversized Cardi £12 from New Look (sale)

~ Knee High socks £4.99 from TK Maxx (need to keep myself warm this winter >.<)

Just me wearing some of the items :D

Urgh sorry for the awkard poses, my mirror is not attached to the wall so it's kind of short, umm I don't know how to explain it >.<

~ Scarf £2.50 (George at Asda)
~ Nerdy Glasses £5 (Claire's)
~ Hat £9.99 (H&M)
~ T-Shirt £7 (New Look)
~ Blazer £20 (New Look)
~ Black Trousers £14.99 (H&M)
~ Chuck Taylor All Star Converses £37.99 (Office)

I really want braces, they look so cool and plus they keep your trousers in place so you don't have to keep on pulling them up LOL! I saw one at H&M and I didn't buy it, now I can't even find it! *Sigh* gotta find them fast xD

Bought some more beauty related stuff that I need to post so hopefully will do that soon :)



Cathee said...

Omg~~~ u luk uberr pretty! <3 ur haul!! ^^~~

oh g0d.. i stil havnt applyied for my student card... lols.. im so late.. + plus thers postal strikes.. im t0o scared tht i gta wait for like.. 3months.. lol all the things i want wud've been gone~ ><~ i shud jack urs one day~ xDDD jkjk~ xx

Jian said...

Omg your outfit is adorable and AFFORDABLE! I love your style. I wish I could dress nice too!

I'm too fat, cheap and lazy. =_= Uhhhh. When I don't go out I just lounge in my pajama bottoms and a loose tee. When I leave the flat I just wear skinnies, a tshirt and a cardigan with whichever shoes are nearest the door.

=_= HELP ME. I need someone to drag me shopping to make me buy some nice things!

Anna said...

you make that blazer look sooo nice .-.

i've been meaning to get one for ages but never got round to it D:

i can't wait til i can take advantage of my student card >:D got a while to wait though...

Gaby said...

Loving the cardi & the scarf!

✿Ji✿ said...

Aww such a cute matching outfit!♥
Indeed La Roche-Posay is a bit pricey, but I love their scent and it's great for sensitive skin!^.^

leslielovesmakeup said...

i love the scarf! <3<3<3

you're still cute as ever

Cathee said...

omg~ whut! yu serious!? college cardd? omg.. T_T' lol after seeing ur haul i went to the 'NUS' site to get one the student card thingy.. nd it cost me a tenner. lol wen i cudov used ma college card...lols~ ah wells~~ ill jus make the most outa the NUS card... lol xDD by shoppin like crazy nd get ma tenner bk.. lol which is easy~ xD plus near xmas... so SALES! <3 x

MEii said...

omg really though i hate the math for chem, i mean i like math from calculus and stuffs but when it comes to chem i feel so lost!

oh and i love the blazer u got! i want a blazer like that too!

Anonymous said...

Ah woo new post, nice clothes! I'm feeling your pose with the glasses nerdy chic woooo~
And you know it's getting real cold quick. I got all my scarves out already just hunting for some decent coats. x

Billie said...

I love that blazer. O____O

Tammy said...

the blazer is so androgynous! I like :D

Uinisan said...

Totally loving your clothing haul, you got some nice stuff.. I did some haul along the way...which I may share too mainly mini skirts hahahaah since it's heading into summer here in Aus

Blair said...

I love your clothing hauls! You make everything look so good :)

Expensive Junk said...

Hehe i wanted that blazer :(
booooo. Lol just kidding it look really nice on your (:
I love how you put your outfit together
you look a little like my cousins cousin :P
Thanks for your comment on my blog btw (:

CC said...

Love the blazer! =)


Jian said...

RYC: Ehhh! BUT YOU LOOK SO SKINNY GIRL! I'm sure you are just a lot more muscular! I have like no muscle, just fat, because I'm a lazy blob. T_______T

Aww, comfort eating isn't good! But I do it too, although I have eaten a tub of Ben & Jerry's Half Baked over 2 days...and I'm not depressed at the moment. ...

Haha, thanks...Are you sure it's not to OTT? My boyfriend reads my posts afterwards and laughs at my language xD I think I also probably write too much. I don't know.

You know, if it's *really* those black skinny jeans that are making you look super skinny, I think I ought to invest in some too. My hips are actually big..regardless of whether or not I'm fat. Uhhh...

M said...

i really like those frames you're wearing!!

stellawantstodie said...

nice socks!

Toothfairy said...

blazers and cardigans, I can't live without those 2 items! love yours, and the glasses look cute on you!


Anonymous said...

Cute outfit!! the blazer looks amazing!