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Sunday, 25 October 2009

New circle lenses!

Yayyy! It finally arrived. I ordered only one pair, Geo CK-105 from ulzzangstyle, the Geo black cricle lenses are $15 but I got $1.50 off because someone recommended me the site, not sure if she still does it anymore though. These took about 2 months to come. The girl is really nice and answers any questions, so be sure to check the site! She also sells other brands.

Also got a free mouse case with it!

Comes with a pair of tweezers, a bottle to store in your solution...


WTH is this!?!?!?! No idea what this is suppose to be used for O_O LOL

This is how it looks like on my eyes. Personally when I first tried them on, I thought 'Wow Linh...you look like an alien O_O', 'ZOMG LINH HAS BEEN ALIENATED!!!'. Had to disguise it with make-up and some nerdy glasses. Though I think I might be getting use to them, still prefer Angel Brown. If my mum never told me to get these I would have ordered Nudy Grey or Honey Wing ¬.¬ Next time I am getting I am getting one of those >.>

Gawd I got so much to post but my mum keeps turning off the internet when I am about to post! =_________________________________________=

Will post a clothing haul soon & probably go out to buy some more as well. Wow my wallet is seriously going to burn till there is nothing left T_T



Zoe said...

Your eyes look very pretty with the lenses ...The case is very cute too^^

Aralka said...

ohhh, what a cute case.
And I think you look very nice in these lenses ^,^
Waiting for your next hauled post haha :D

Strawberry`mt said...

Lol i was like that i first too, i was like OMG I look like an alien there is no way im wearing these!

You have nice eyes, AND NAILS ;D

Alex said...

Oh gosh moonrise is such a brilliant song! Gave me goosebumps! I really love this kinda of songs, almost like it is telling a sad story without lyrics!

stellawantstodie said...

wow! your eye is amazing!

nice "mouse"!!


Jian said...

I still like it!! You don't look alien-y at all. Just very uhljjang-esque. Which is a good thing. =P

Gosh how come it took 2 months to come???! I really want some coloured circle lenses but I'm scared I'll never wear them. Also unlike you, my eyes are small, so I look much better in glasses. EVERYONE (almost, except for one guy in my group that felt sorry for me) tells me I look better in glasses than without when I wear contacts. D=

Demoralising or what?

Cathee said...

hehe~ ur eyes luk uber cute ^^~
nd 2m0nths?!?!?! wah!~~
the case is uber cute tho!! <3

& u cud check http://geocontactlens.wordpress.com/
and emaill me the ones you want cos im collecting orders for them since im one of thir facetraders~~ ^^~ xx

Lisa Drives A Van said...

wowwwwww those are stunning!

♥ 珊珊 Kawaii Kuromi ♥ said...

I have the same pair.
Wow so cute! they look amazing on u. I know when i first seen one of those sticky things i was like omg.. wth?!
I found out its used to clean your contacts instead of using your finger.
No alien look alike here.
Shan x

ladyish said...

that case is adorable, that sticks supposed to be like a suction cup to take out the lenses. leave it to the asians to make something for everything ♥