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Thursday, 1 October 2009

New skincare & OOTD

I finally decided to try a new skincare regime, but before I show you that, here's what I been using before:

Sorry, the photo is a bit blurry but you get the idea :D
~ Neutrogena Spot Stress Control Daily Scrub
~ Tea Tree Sensitive Cleansing Lotion
~ Tea Tree Blended Oil
~ Daytime Moisturiser: Boots Botanics Oil Free Moisuriser for Sensitive Skin
~ Nightime Moisturiser: Boots Botanics Pore Perfecting Night Cream for Blemish Prone Skin
~ Garnier Nutritionist Caffeine Eye Roll-On
~ Blistex Relief Cream

This is one of those moisturisers that feel like a primer O_O believe it or not. But you got to leave it for a while for it to absorb into your skin otherwise it will come off like rubber when you apply your foundation. Overall I think it's ok though, the only thing why I would not buy it again is because I need a moisturiser that helps to minimise breakouts otherwise I would still be repurchasing this. OHHH! And this is very inexpensive too, I think it was around £3-£4 :)

This is my first ever night cream and it definately didn't dissapoint me! It is not heavy like most night creams feel like. It absorbs really fast and the texture of it is very silky. 'Contains purifying extracts to guard against the bacteria that causes blemishes'. Also oil free and non pore blocking. Woo! What more could you ask for? I will definately be using this when my skin is drier and needs more moisture. I love the packaging, very organic indeed. Also around £3-£4.

Now onto my new skincare routine:

Pretty much the same except for:
~ Freederm Exfoliating Facial Wash
~ Freederm Zone Balancing Moisturiser
~ Freederm Spot Treatment

I swear Freederm stuff works great! The products have been specially formulated to combat spots. I have been eyeing this for quite a longgggggggggg time now and the day has finally come for me to OWN it :D

I have been using this for about 2 weeks now and I must say, my skin has pretty much improved. Not dramatically but better than I expected. I still get one or two odd spots which always annoy me but hey it's better than having 4567890876 slammed on your face right? Ok I know I'm exaggerating there but you get the what I mean :P

I really like this exfoliating wash. The beads are very tiny caompared to most exfoliators which I really like because I don't feel like it's too harsh on my skin. The consistency is sort of gel/lotion type and goes on very smoothly. The minute I wash it off, I feel like my face is really clean and doesn't contain any left residue. Definately did not break me out (well I wouldn't expect to, since it's not suppose to).
Price Tag: around £5

OHH EMM GEE! Yeah you probably guessed, I love this. Well you're right! This is the only spot treatment I've seen that contains Nicotinamide, which is a substance that helps to reduce the redness of the spots and inflammation. So true and works wonders. The next morning I wake up, I notice that the size of the spot has reduces and there was no more redness :D Weepee! This does not mean that I don't love my Tea Tree Oil any more because I still do! I use it when I have mild acne but I use the Freederm one for moderate :)
Price Tag: around £5

OMG this stuff is amazing too! The texture, when I put it on my face it feels like lotion/cream because it goes on white and does not give a matte finish. Really need to blend this stuff in. Can be quite sticky too but it doesn't bother me. Even if I use foundation over this, it will not make the foundation any different from before or cakey. And this really helps to minimise future spots from appearing. Of course there's always going to be an odd spot but better than ... yeah you know :D
Price Tag: around £5


So that's pretty much my old and new everyday skincare :)

Now onto an outfit that I wore a couple of days ago.

These definately do hurt my feet >.< got to get them cushion things :)

~ Aviators - H&M £4.99
~ Scarf - George at Asdas £2.50
~ Cardi Jumper - River Island £20 (sale, originally £35)
~ Plain White Shirt - Primark £2.50
~ Jeans - Miss Sixty £70
~ White Belt - New Look £5
~ Ankle Boots - River Island £40 (sale, originally £80)

I dislike my phone very much, it takes very poor quality photos. I will have to use it for now until I can get a digital camera >.<

And the school look :D I tried to make my hair a bit wavy so that it doesn't look too flat but I still haven't mastered my skills using the straighteners that's why it looks kinda dodgey >.< Ohh and if you are wondering why the other hair side is shorter than the other is because I use to have short hair where one side was longer than the other O_O. Wow I think that sentence is confusing but I hope that you get what I mean. So yeah haven't got a haircut since then so it's like this for now. Waiting for it to grow longer. Come on hair! :D

I know people say that eyebrows should not be 'twins' but 'sisters'. Mine are not even 'sisters', they're like 'friends' or 'strangers'! >.<



Marcia B. said...

waw you are the skin product connoisseur, never heard of freederm! The botanics night cream seems appealing! Do you ever use lip scrubs? My lips get so dry in the winter ahhh!

Yumeko said...

i am extremely keen on stuff from botanics haha i tried the mud mask from them whilst in uk and i loved it so much i bought 5 tubes XD

Blair said...

Those products look so good! I'm jealous :)

And girly, I love your OOTDs! Please keep them coming :)

Toothfairynotes said...

I think your hair looks good though!


Anonymous said...

Linda, ahh heck woman, am loving your style here!!

Marcia B. said...

Amen to that, better to us face exfoliant eh or homemade stuff lol

Zoe said...

those arereally nice products, u look so pretty in those pictures^^

Creative-Kpop said...

wahhh botanic thingy looks pretty good hmmmm might get me some..lol... haha finnally update..whoop

kpeach said...

love new beauty products!

leslielovesmakeup said...

ur such a cutie and i love those boots!

Lisa Drives A Van said...

love your OOTD! those boots are sooooooo adorable! you should go to ikea its sooooooo cheap and cheerful :D i love bliztex lipbalm stuffy eventhough it kinda stings when i put it on. i really need to get some more to prepare myself for the winter. have you recieved your contacts from ulzzang yet?


Billie said...

I saw Botanics at a nearby Target. I might go check out their stuff when I have some money. :]

Aralka said...

I like your new layout. And your outfit is very sexy. And you are so cute!!! luv your eyes <333

Muminki? It's polish name haha :D
Yeah, they are cute <3

Lisa Drives A Van said...

Evening lovely! thank you, the 'dress' is just a long pencil skirt with a bow on that i wear a dress hahaha because its too long for me when i wear it as a skirt - im too short :( ! im sure dresses do suit you! i can see you in a bodycon dress and shoe boots! Ive heard good things about urban decay eyeliners too but they are like £12 each :( when i could get mac or bobbi brown eyeliner for about £16. I better get saving up :D hows your homework/coursework and all that getting along? ive been rushing all my posts recently because ive got soooooo much work to catch up on and deadlines to meet on thursday :(


stellawantstodie said...

the garnier roll-on is fantastic, I have it and I use it everyday!

thanks for your comment!


I live in Canada and I've never heard or seen the Freederm brand before.. Sucks because I wanna try the spot treatment cream

Lorien BeautyLove said...

I use the Garnier eye roll on! Doesnt seem to do much for me anymore:( At first it did though!!! Loooove your boots! x

Alex said...

I happen to use Tea tree too~ How do you find it? I've tried their foam cleanser and toner, but it didn't really do much for my skin. Well anyway they're really affortable.


Aralka said...

Oh, poor you.
Take care please! : *

I have school on Monday too >.< I hate school.

Jian said...

Ah thanks for sharing! Although I swear you don't have any zits anyway.

And I completely agree about the dashing English guy thing. Although the problem with the Kensington/Canary Wharf businessmen is that most of them have they are former-public school boy arseholes. They probably also do so much cocaine that they have no space in their hearts for girls.


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Marcia B. said...

girl, where are ya? post some new stuff. Thanks for the comment!

Lisa Drives A Van said...

hi lovely! ive got a new site for you to get geo contacts from! and guess what they are soooooooo cheap = $15 and the batches end real quick, i only ordered on the weekend and its closing on friday :D so excited! try this site out in the future:


hope your well

Toothfairynotes said...

hello cutie pie

I've tagged you in my latest post, check if you've already done this one or not!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the love girl! The skin care stuff looks great but I think they only have it in the UK cause I never seen the Freedom brand at my drugstores. By the way, I really like the music on your page it's so relaxing :)

Gaby said...

Thanks for visiting my blog (=

I'm glad you liked my post on my DIY lip scrub! The lip scrub you can buy in stores are basically Vaseline with something abrasive and some chemicals... so why not put aside the chemicals and make an all-natural one?


makeupxmusic said...

awh! love those cute little booties[=

hahah, that sounds so weird... I do mean the shoes. To those people who don't know that they're called booties.

ko0ty said...

Babe, I love your look, especially the booties. I've been obsessed with booties this whole year!

M said...

freederm? i've never seen that brand here! gotta do some homework

Eugenia said...

Your outfit is sooo cute.. I definitely love the boots soo very cute!