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Sunday, 18 October 2009


For the first time! Yayyyy! Thanks to toothfairy for tagging me! I love her blog, she posts a lot of interesting things so please visit her :D

So here it goes:

Where's your cell phone: right next to me

Your hair: straight with a headband on

Your mother: in the kitchen

Your father: I don't know

Favorite Food: Italian

Dream last night: none

Favorite drink: coconut soya milk

What room are you: my one

Hobby: photography

Fear: insects, yes I have bugphobia T_T

Where were you last night: in my bed

Something that you aren't: slim

Muffins: blueberry please ^.^

Wish list item: digital SLR camera or just a normal digital camera

Where did you grow up: Vietnam

What are you wearing: double socks, trackies, shirt and a jumper (trying to survive the incoming coldness, yes gas is getting pricier T_T)

Your pets: none but I want a dog (Husky)

Friends: Only a few that I talk to the most >.<

Something you're not wearing: gloves O_O

Favorite store: ASDA!!

Favorite color: Green, Purple, Yellow <3

Last time you laughed: this afternoon

Your best friend: Still searching for one T_T *sigh* (I do have someone in mind but I don't see her a lot so it's kinda hard to not have that special friend by your side when you need them the most so for now I can only rely on myself)

Place you go to over and over: An open field of grass near my house to let out all my thoughts

Person who emails you regularly: BLOGGER!! <333 (I know it's not a person but I don't have anyone e-mailing me >.<)

Favorite place to eat: I eat mostly at home, restaurants are too expensive



Blair said...

Sweetie, I didn't know that you are Vietnamese! And high five, I love Italian food as well! :)

Anna said...

blogger doesn't email me... ):
idk how to turn them on LOL

yay for asdaaa x]