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Sunday, 27 December 2009

New footwear? OH YURH!

Hello lovelies! Long time no posts again, I know but I have been reading every comment and replying to you guys so I'm happy :) I hope you all had a great Christmas & received many presents! I didn't get much so my mum bought me a lot of sweet snacks my favourite at the moment is Ferrero Raffaello. It's a 'a coconut speciality with a coconut cream and a whole almond'. It' sooooooo nice but sooooo expensive! It is £4 for a box in Sainsbury's I believe. I don't know why it is so hard to find these in UK. I use to eat these all the time when I was younger and mum would always hide it somewhere in the cupboard. But being the witty Linh, would always find it and munch on it in the corner and then mum come and SLAPS. I don't know how many times I have done this but I know that it was many and the outcome was always the same. Yeah that's how much I love those.

Ok enough of me talking about a luxury coconut speciality.

So onto what I have bought, a couple of weeks ago. I've been looking for a pair of nice light brown boots and a pair of black suede court shoes that weren't too high & now I have finally found them! YAYYY! :)

These boots were from New Look for £25 but since I had a student discount, I got them for £22.50 =)

The black court shoes are from H&M and were only £14.99! I felt like going back and getting another pair just in case this gets ruined because me being me, I know I don't last long with shoes. But I decided not to, WHYY? Anyways all I know is that I love them and they'll go really well with a tulip skirt and a nice top/shirt teamed up with a blazer or cardigan. Still on a hunt to get those.

Ohh and I finally tried wearing false eyelashes! They're weren't so comfortable though, so I gotta find a different pair but here's my attempt:

The band is glitter one so it's not very natural T_T but they were the only nice criss-cross ones. Btw these were from my prom LOL only wore them once until now.

I thought I would do a photo with my teeth showing since I love teeth but somehow it doesn't suit my face. It makes it appear too wide so that's why I normally don't do it. But I will try to now if I can get a good angle LOL.

Oh and the jumper is from JD £34.99 but I bought it last year so they have new designs now. It's funny how I buy certain clothes and never wear them until next year. But at least I do end up wearing it! XD~

Before I end this post I just gotta say that I am loving this make-up remover:

Botanics Soothing Eye Make-up Remover
It's takes off my make-up much faster than my old Shiseido make-up remover which costed me like £16.50 =_= when this was £1.98! I think the normal price is £2.99 but it was £1 off on sale :D

It's so gentle on the eyes as well! The green bit is the oil which takes off the last traces of mascara gunk and the white solution is what soothes the eye area so no irritation at all! Ladies get this please, so affordable and so effective. You will never have to buy the Lancome Bi-facils anymore!

Woo so that finishes my post on what I have bought weeks ago lol. Stay tuned for boxing day haul. I didn't buy much but I hope it's enough to tune you in XD didn't buy any clothes which was such a shame =_= so all I bought was cosmetics! LOL crazy me.

I hope you've all been well <3

(Gawd I rambled too much in this post, please do forgive me >_<)



Zoe said...

I think I have had oneof those Ferrero Raffaello before but I am not really a fan of coconuts since everything here is made of coconuts ^^; but I really love Dark Chocolates.

Ur boots and black shoes look pretty and u look so fab in those pictures infact I think u have beautiful teeth that doesn't make ur face wider but makes it prettier^^and the falsies also look great on u hun.

U know we have Botanics Soothing Eye Make-up Remover but never gived it a try but will probably will after reading ur review.

Blair said...

You bought a blush? Which one is it?

I agree with you! Palettes are way more value for money compared to singles =D

No way! Your face looks fine! Not wide at all even when you show teeth =D

leslielovesmakeup said...

i LOVE that jumper, it's so cute and different.

Toothfairy said...

the boots! I love!

We don't have boxing day here in the Netherlands, but I went downtown today and OMG it was so busy, I thought things were for free!!! :S


Anonymous said...

Lovely =)!
Your so pretty and coooteee!
And your teeth does suit your face =).


Tammy said...

ommigosshh you are so cute when you smile with your teeth, i think i would have to pinch your cheeks; you look like you're five! lol

JoeyAnna said...

love the black heels! they are a classic :D
aww first time wearing lashes? :O they look good on you! they are awesome huh XD

SUBliminal Messages said...

So ironic you had the Ferrero candy today. For christmas, i got a "gift set" of a variety of Ferrero candies. The coconut one is Amazing! Love the boots btw!

Anonymous said...

That hat of mine is not edible woman, HAHA LINH you crazy girl, you love your chocolate don't you? Haha lastminute dot com init. Gotta shop in style ;) better late then never I'd say.

Boxing day sales woman! Did you go down westend? There was some fat ass queue for Selfridges & most of them were yellows *WINKS*
You know in January they gonna have another sale wooo~ more reductions!
I am feeling them New look ones, they look friggin great with light jeans!
AND OH MY OH MY you got yourself some sex kitten shoes ;)!

I hate putting on lashes, takes so long & the glue goes crazy on my eye! Them lashes are hot still & love your lenses (they are lenses right?) <3!
And girl you have a cute smile ^^. YOU GO GIRL!

I can't believe you paid £16.50 oh wow you nutter. Thank god for sales eh. I'm going tomorrow with my loserboy. Was going to go on boxing day but had to work - bollocks ><"!

I hope it snows in feb again haha NO UNI! >;]

Are ya going down west to see the fireworks in new year? ;)
Hope you're well woman, have a great new year! xx

Kym said...

uhmm... hi, i want that hoodie. hahaha! so cute! :)

Manju said...

your hoodie is so cute!
you should pack and come over here. those Ferrero Raffaello boxes are like 1pound a box here, super cheapie ;)

Uinisan said...

Loving the new footwear you're scoring in the photos... totally suits you dear... and you're back on the bandwagon of wearing falsies YAY!!! hahhahaha... Practice makes it perfect believe me.
In terms of my feast over the holidays... it's killing me~~~ heheehehe... and although I'm not poor neither rich...I still just have to eat the best being a food lover hahaahahaha... So you're right the price of food these days is on the increase but I can't help myself sometimes esp when it's the family who is paying HAHAHAHAHA....
Hope you had a great holiday and a happy new year coming up. I'm jumping back onto my studies right after the New Year's becoz time is running out~~~ Good luck with yours.

Jordy's Beauty Spot said...

Both those shoes look amazing and you are so pretty in those photos.

Tammy said...

Linh you just need to be more obvious about hinting what you want for Christmas.

Exhibit A: (to boyfriend)

T: What are you getting me for Christmas?
BF: I'm not telling you!
T: Is it the [x]?
BF: Waah--?
T: ...because [x] would be a wise choice, anything less would guarantee you a very unhappy Christmas.

Exhibit B: (to friend)

T: I like this palette. It's the only thing I want this year. But, I will save my money till I have more. I just wish it was limited edition. Oh well, I guess it will just be one of those things that you regret letting you pass you by...
Friend: ...

hahahahha ok, you don't have to be SO obvious! But you get the point XD
You're right though, I haven't really been that impressed with the MAC palettes either. Actually, I'm not a huge fan of MAC to begin with so something has to be SUPER amazing or gimmicky for me to like it (think HK collection in early '09 lol)

Toothfairy said...

linh darling!

Happy nye!
Eat more fried onions :P

You're featured in my latest post:


-elle♡ said...

ferrero hasss the mosttt amazing choco ever hehehehe<3
your fake lashes look great, gorgeous woman (:!!
haha i know this is kind of off topic but i love the sweater you're wearing in your pics =)

witoxicity said...

I love the black shoes from H&M. They look so comfy. Thanks for the recommendation for the Botanics Eye makeup Remover. I'm so going to try to find it here.

Btw, you look great smiling and showing your teeth. I don't see why you never liked it before! :)