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Sunday, 13 December 2009

Something to keep your trousers in place...

I been on a hunt to find webbing belts. Took me quite a while but in the end I found some pretty good ones.

It was only a belt but yet they gave me a really big bag O_O wasn't needed lol.

Went Henley's and Bench. I love those shops <3. Bench has a more simplistic yet casual side to it and Henley's has a more street look that isn't OTT (Over The Top) but yet wearable with many abstract designs? Ok I was trying to describe them in a cool way but guess I failed -.-

Anywho, onto the belts that I bought:

The Henley's one is actually men's but it looked so much better than the women's version so I had to pick this one.

Both were £15

Fail pose T.T

Also bought braces!

Yeah I guess I was going for an androgynous look. But these really hold your trousers/jeans much better than belts. I think these were £5.99 from H&M? 

To end this post I am going to share with you the chocolately straw and berry choc I been indulging myself in :D 

The best thing about this is that it's only 99p from Lidl!!! Yeah after taking this photo I finished it straight away >_<" while I was eating it I had a really bad guilty pleasure, no more chocs for Linh T_T 



Blair said...

Linh, you have awaken the white chocolate monster in me! I so want this flavour, it looks yummy!!!

Webbing belts? What are those?

Sugar&Spice said...

i love braces ... they look so nice with a white T and jeans ... also OMG that white chocolate looks DELISH!

check out my blog!

x <3 x

Toothfairy said...

heyyyy you're back linh! how are you? are you finished with all the school stuff?

braces... that's so long ago, when I've worn those, I saw really pretty ones in Taiwan, but didn't buy them, regret it ever since!


MissVendella said...

such a cute outfit!!!! lovess itt!! btw thanks for teh nice comment you left me :) Actually i think that the Revlon's sand beige shade is the one that is being used the most. Dunno... :D

*aly said...

Yumm at the chocolate. I guess ur a clothes person? cuz I've been stuck on clothes, like I don't feel interested in clothes anymore? Must be my makeup obsession. Anyways, I was LOLling so hard at your post title. Hehe, still think it's funny. I've seen braces before but I never knew what they were called. Your outfit looks good!! Like you hair.. So shiny! PS: sorry for the long comment.. again.

LovelyKimi said...

you so very cute

eki said...

Hi sweets! thanks for the sweet message!<3 ohh those belt are so cute! and that white choco strawberry looks amazing! XD

Take care sweetie and have a nice holiday! <3

Anonymous said...

LOL LINH you bum! I think tomorrow and friday it's gonna be light rain and a bit of snow.

LOL! Practice makes perfect, sometimes I can't be asked but I look retarded without eyeliner ><"
2 more days then no more college?
I finish on friday. Gotta get the stupid DLR home tomorrow and friday so if it snows I'm fucked! I don't wanna be getting the bus all the way back to south east LONGG T___T!!

Anonymous said...

P.S I could do with some chocolate now! GIVE TO MEEEEEEEEEEEEEE <3


that chocolate looks sooo goodd xD haha you look so cute in your picture! (:

Lisa Drives A Van said...

Hey! nice to see you left me a comment :D ive been away from here for soooooooooooooooo long! mainly because of..yes you guessed it COLLEGE. ive had so much work to do and so little time to do blogging etc! i noticed you were gone for a while too :(

do you have a facebook account my any chance?


Kym said...

oooo i love bench!! awesome belt! i always need them but for some reason never wear them! =S

Zoe said...

Hi Linh , those bells are really pretty and I love the white one on u^^so pretty hun, the chocolate looks sooooooooo yummy..

MissVendella said...

I have something on my blog for you. pls go check it out. Hope it makes you smile :)

-elle♡ said...


-elle♡ said...

i remember your post about your love for strawberry chocos. is this the one youre talking about? bc it looks YUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM. drool drool...i can never take pictures of my food. i cant open it long enough...i just eat it right away. my attraction towards good food is too strong =_=

Anna said...

LMAO! who pressed the keys so hard that it came off?! I didn't even know that was possible xp

i hate white chocolate, but that looks kinda... temping D:

gosh, you spent £30 on two belts? x_x you must have money to spend. christmas makes so poor lol > <

hope you have a nice christmas ! :D

MissVendella said...

hehehe soo happy i made you happy :P You deserve it :)Have a merry Christmas!! :)

Manju said...

i <3 that chocolate! delish, isnt it :)
merry christmas! ^_^

Torie Jayne said...

Thank you for all your lovely comments on my blog, May the happiness of the holiday season be yours today and always x