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Sunday, 6 December 2009

Where have I been for a whole month!?!?!? (& Tags)

IN BOOKS! Yeah that pretty much explains it all and I really want to apologise for not replying back to some of you. I've found some time to do some blogging today though :)

Oh and also I didn't have internet for 2 weeks because I changed to a new company. The other one was too slow for my liking. But this one, even with technical difficulties for 2 weeks, it's so much better and faster!

I'll start off with some tags that I need to do. They're ultra overdue >.<

Colour Tag: Pink

Thank you Aly for tagging me!

1. My very old pencil case that I still use till this day O_O it just fits all my stationery so I'm content :D

2. Lacoste touch of pink. Took me 5 years to finish this. I am not a perfume person at all, even though I love perfumes, I ALWAYS forget to spray it on! Very annoying indeed =_=

3. Scissors. 5 years old.

4. Transparent-sticky-tape-holder. Also 5 years old.

5. My mini-heart-edge-paper-cutter O_O 5 years old!!! (People think this is a hole puncher but I assure you it's not lol)

6. Oyster card holder given out by college on an open evening day. (Not my college by the way)

7. Old pens that I kept just because they're kind of pretty. Can you guess their age? YES 5! Congrats *clap clap* wow old much? Yet they still work, the glitter one gets stuck though so you gotta shake it O_O

As you can see I do keep things for a long period of time. Some things just cannot be thrown away. Now you also know how abnormal of a stationery freak I am. I can't even part with it! Oh and now you also know how I keep things for a very long time. I hate losing things so I try to keep everything. Never know, I might need it again XD

8 Most Worn Things

Also tagged by Aly :)

1. Most worn lipstick/lipgloss - Yes it had to be blistex even though it's not a lipgloss/lipstick but this is the only thing I use consistently on my lips.

2. Most worn earring/necklace - Always wearing these wherever I go.

3. Most worn shirt/top - I use to wear this all the time! Still do but only at home.

4. Most worn nail polish - OPI in No Bees Please.

5. Most worn shoes - Converses of course :)

6. Most worn hair product - Not gonna say I can't live without this but I do like it :D

7. Most worn perfume - Lacoste touch of pink

8. Most worn handbag - Yeah the gray one you all know it.

Colour Tag: Gray

Thank you for tagging me Uinisan!

1. Blazer. I love blazers <3

2. Bag that I always wear to school, I don't like it anymore though. I have too many books to carry that will never fit in that bag.

3. Coat/jacket? From last year and they still selling it in the shops! I was shocked LOL.

4. Waistcoat.

5. Fedora/Trilby.

6. Cuticle cutter XD

7. My ones and only ankle boots :) 

Woo and that ends my tags. Thanks again girls for tagging me.

Gonna try to blog more often. I miss you all!



Cathee said...

ohmygod!~ yey!! ur backk~~ hehe xD~~

nd mylord.~~ 2WEEKS wifout internet..~~ ouchies.~ tht keels.~~ =='~ i cudnt even do one day~~ lols~~ cos im addicted to readin blogss~~ & utubee!.. etc etc~

Lurvee tht greyy coatt~~ wher did u get itt?!~

& sme wif the purfume thingy~~ i alwaysss foorgettt to wear it before i go out!!~~ same goes wif earrings..~~ i feel empty wifout earringsss~ ==''~~


Anonymous said...

Nice post! Now, I know how you smell, hehe... Lacoste Touch of Pink is a really fresh, young and happy fragrance! <3

Zoe said...

I really love ur My mini-heart-edge-paper-cutter and earings,they are so cute..
2 weeks without internet seems like 2 yrs without internet,lol..I just can't live without it~

*aly said...

*hands on hips: Where have you been???!!!

Haha, jking. Thank you for accepting my tags. I also find it difficult to remember to spritz on perfume before I go out lol. Love your handbag!! ANd the boots!!! =) Glad you're back!

MissVendella said...

Love the shoess!!!! and love grey :D you are not alone :D

makeupxmusic said...

you own the cutest stuff!!

Lorien BeautyLove said...

KEEP BLOGGING! :) I love the heart shape maker-er lol its rtoo good to be a hole punch!

Luzie :) said...

I love touch of pink! but same here, i always forget about perfume, but never earrings! oh and of course! converse! still longing for a pair of my own! thats such a cute pencil case! where did you get it??