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Sunday, 6 December 2009

A piece of me in...

Yay! Time for the second round so here's how I've been feeling this month :)

Hosted by the Toothfairy

I like: strawberry white chocolate, omg been indulging into it too much >_< it all started when my friend gave it to me in school, and the min the school ended I ran to the shops and got it, wow sweet times XD

I don't like: getting so much homework this month that it prevented me from blogging, really miss blogging T_T

I want you to know: that I am still alive! :)

I've planned: half of of what I am getting people this Christmas

I want to say to someone special: If only you knew...how I am feeling...

Hope you all have had a great month! Looking forward to reading them :)



Blair said...

Sweetie, how have you been? You didn't update your blog for ages!

I really like your watermark =D Please don't tell me you used photoshop to create it?

Blair said...

This is because I don't have photoshop hahaa~

Anna said...

I miss your postsststst !
Wb Linh ;3

Hah, I like to hoard stationary too...
I have this gel pen from like, 6years ago, I kept it because it smelt of Chocolate. Still does ;D

Toothfairy said...

crap... I don't know if my comment went through, but in short... again:

love the ankle boots
love that you're back
sorry about all the homework


Expensive Junk said...

(: yay ! you're back (:
You look so pretty (:

Expensive Junk said...

Pfft it sucks so i end up walking home in the dark :L
And thanksss (:

Anonymous said...

LINHHYYYY I have missed you woman!
Welcome back. Thank goodness ya alive *POKES*

Buuu to coursework but luckily christmas holiday soon!

Chocolate! Chocoholic to be Linh, bad girl! I am currently loving my ferrero rocher yummmmm.

Anonymous said...

I just found your blog, but I'm looking forward to seeing more! NIce reading about you, what exactly is strawberry white chocolate? I haven't heard of it before (and I swear, I haven't been living under a rock, I just live thousands of kms away, LOL)

Tammy said...

great to see you back!
aww you've got such a doll-face you are so cute!! I think you'll be the type to look 30 still when you're 45 LOL

Zoe said...

Glad that u r back,I have never tried strawberry white chocolate before but it sounds yummy^^
Love ur picture, u look super cute^^

*aly said...

You look so cute in that blazer. Pardon me. Been missin you!!! I was just thinking you got kidnapped in blogesphere and someone had to report to the 'net' police and we'd have to give our statements as to since when you stop blogging and stuff. Lol. Sorry, overreaction here. =3 GLAD YOU"RE BACK!!!!! =D

Yumeko said...

welcome back!!!

Expensive Junk said...

Hehe! Bring some doughnuts
omg, that is so weird!
I noticed your tag - your oyster wallet.
That college... :O
omg! Thats so close!
p.s are you stalking me ? ;p

熊貓girl said...

oooh, I've never tried strawberry white chocolate ><. must get some :)
pretty photo ^^

Uinisan said...

WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN SWEETY? hahaahahaha... I'm glad you're back and the holidays are around the corner so the relaxing times will soon come. Sorry to hear about all that homework and study you have to get through but I'm doing some self studying myself~~~~ hahahaaha but it's a real dread I know....
In terms of falsies... all I can say is to practice more and get used to wearing them... I can guarantee the time it takes you to put them on will diminish slowly with practice and find a really good lash glue so your lashes don't fly off hahahaha... I would recommend the Koji lash glues which comes in white, black or clear...anything with the latex ingredient is the best, lasting power is great and removal is easy... hope this helps if you're ever interested in falsies again...
Look forward to your next post...whenever you're free again ahahahahaha.... I suppose being busy is good too

Kym said...

strwb white choco... *mmmmmmmm* loves it!

Ken said...

awesome suspenders~