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Monday, 25 January 2010

Boxing Day (Part 2)

Wow so sorry, this is so overdueeeeeeeeeee! These past few weeks have been so hectic, having to revise for exams and then doing them the week after. Very no good combination! This topic goes around so much and it's so boring (well for me at least) so I'll shut up now and get on with the post ^_^

Green Hoodie £19.99 (TK-Maxx)
I am on a hunt to get a few very colourful hoodies. But it's ultra hard for me to find the ones that fit me and actually look like. I am giving up on the ones in JD, there was a massive sale and they were quite cheap but the minute I put them on, I looked like something else. So maybe now I gotta look around in TK-Maxx since you never know what you come across may be something so much better than what you normally see ^_^

Skinny Grey Trousers £14.99 (H&M)
Just a pair to go to school with on the days when I want to dress smarter and more practical. They go great with pumps or converses.

Scarf £3 (H&M)
Just a random scarf I picked up. I don't know why but I guess it was the price. Better suited for spring/summer though?

Glittery Cardigan £12 (Next)
OMG I love this cardi! It's so pretty! It has reflex glitters and the shoulders bit have this really nice edge, almost looks like those blazers with large shoulder pads but this is the softer, less fierce version. Now the only problem is where to wear it.

I also got the MAC Studio Finish Concealer. I don't know why I bought this since I don't think I am going to use it very much, it just adds up the time it takes for me to do my make-up. I'm not sure if I like it or not or perhaps I should stop using my brush and use fingers instead? And maybe I need to apply more so that it is more opaque and actually hides my dark circles?

That's all I bought on that day, though I did buy some things recently, out of boredom. I was suppose to just do window shopping but then I have come across pretty nice items for a good price so I thought why not?

Leopard Pumps! I been wanting a pair of these for so long but could never find a nice looking, and affordable one. These are from Barratts and were originally £20 and that's too high for my liking. So now they had a half price offer and I got these for a tenna! I had to grab these straight away :D They are great with the grey skinny trousers and a trench coat. I been wearing it all week (& more weeks to come)!

Heart shaped fluffy rug! Aw ain't it pretty? What a great thing to prettify my dull bedroom ^_^ It was from a shop called flutterbyes I think? They sell loads of pretty vintage items, like tea sets, cushions, hanging signs all sorts! This was only £12. I saw them way long time ago but I didn't want to buy it yet, don't know why and when I decided to buy it they didn't have it anymore! I was gutted but thought oh well. Now they selling it again so I just grabbed one right away :D My socks match the pinkness too ^_^

I was in need of a good and soft blusher brush. I came across the Ruby & Millie one and immediately fell in love with it! Though for £15, I did think it was quite expensive so instead I bought the enhance brush which is smaller and angled. I don't mind the size of it because I like how you can achieve a more defined look as well. This is retailed at £12.50 at boots but I got it for £7.50 since I had a £5 voucher. Might go back and see if there are any other good brushes because I have quite a few of those vouchers ^_^

I feel as if this is rather boring post since I wasn't so excited about the purchases except for the pumps and the rug really but I hope you guys enjoy it ^_^ I'll try post more often if I can.

I want to design a new layout but time doesn't allow me to do so. So much things I want to do but I always have to push them aside and get on with what really needs to be done.

I hope you all have had a good weekend ^_______^



Anonymous said...

Lovely haul and it isn't boring at all =). I really like the rug it's so cute! And your feet are tiny and cute =P. Must tell us how you get on with the concealer =P. I don't even own one O_O... I don't think I need it tbh =P. Hehe.

As for brushes, you should try eyeslipsface.co.uk (elf) xD. They have brushes that are really good quality and are dirt cheap. My favourite is the powder brush from the studio line, it's a flat top brush and can be used for foundation etc...


MilknCookiie said...

Oh, the greatness of boxing day! I wish I had it here in Holland. :( How is the MAC concealer? I heard good things about it, but I'm still doubting whether to get it or not. I think it's okay if you can still see your dark circles, because it is basically impossible to hide it completely. Lovely haul~ ♥

★ Cookiie

e.motion in motion said...

OMG those shoes are SO CUTE! I was eyeing this pair on cutesygirl.com, but now they don't have my size :(

Anonymous said...

You're alive my lovely.
I've been great minus the stress over my projects.
Yes I'm still off until february but gotta go into Uni tomorrow for an assessment .__."
Poo on exams and coursework! Goodluck little Miss, don't do a last minute.com with the revision.

Holy smokes on your haul. Skinny jeans woo - !! I love H&M jeans, especially the boyfriend ones hahaha I'm such a dude T--T"

Glittery cardi? LOL woman you'll be sparkling on the streets of south london - when I see someone with this I'ma be like 'that could be Linh' probably shout your name & if it's not you then OOPS.

Do a review on the MAC concealer, I was thinking on investing in some MAC stuff ^--^.

Sexy leopard pumps. Hahaha half price is always best.
Ah hella - I hate when you like something and think 'I'll buy it later' when later comes you're pissed it's not there. GARH! Now my motto is - "buy it now, don't like? return." ^^

Oh & I got a whole brush set from Cosco, the kirkland ones! They are great!

Hahaha I wouldn't know where to start on a guide to ebay. I just read the reviews & check if they had any negatives in the recent months.

Are you going CNY down China town next month? Can you believe chinese new year is on Valentines day hahaha >;]

T <3

Linhy said...

Best to use fingers with the concealer so that the warmth could melt it for a smoother/non cakey application. What shade did you get it in? For dark circles I find concealers a shade or two darker than my skin tone gives better coverage. I love how bright that green hoody is (y) ^^

Tammy said...

Awww the rug is the epitome of cuteness! What a steal, I love cutesy things in my room too lol

Gurlie said...

wow so cute ..i really like it..

watch pacquaio vs clottey

Jian said...

Wahhh haul <3

I want to haul!! And the rug is so cute! I don't have anything like that for my room D= *sigh*

Please let us know how you get on with the MAC concealer. I'm almost out. I think I need some more, something a little more heavy duty too.

Blair said...

Your new pink rug is adorable!!!

Miss Vendella said...

Hey there cutie! :) I have nominated you for an award on my blog :) when you have the time go check it out :)) and hope you like it. Have a great week. ;)


Organised Chaos said...

Ohh i like thsoe shoess
andd i gave oiu a award :)

Linhy said...

I've awarded your blog with an 'I ♥ your blog' award. Come by and check it out when you can =]