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Wednesday, 10 February 2010

A piece of me in...

Oh My Days this is so late! Sorry Toothfairy T_________T

I like: My new digital SLR :) So much more to do now! Took me 4 months to realise which one I wanted the most. Reading through numerous amount of reviews and every single detail, I settled with Canon EOS 500D.

I don't like: The fact that Canon has just announced their new EOS 550D which is to go on sale in April. Madly not happy >_< it means that the one I just bought will go down in price! *Sigh*

I want you to know that: Um how should I say this? I want to blog more but time doesn't allow me to do so >_< I don't know why but it takes me absolutely ages to write up at least one post. I worry too much about grammar and spelling. One of the reason being is because I want to improve my English. Though I am glad I don't have to do English as one of my subjects any more, I still have the urge to enhance it (<-- probably a wrong word to use but I don't want to use 'improve' again). I always say this but I don't want to keep on saying it that I will try to blog more because it will just come and go. So let's just let it come naturally.

I've planned: To brush my hair more but I loathe the amount of hair that is fallen out every time I do so.

I want to say to someone special: I love all the bloggers that I have met here so far. All of you inspire me in some ways, even the littlest and very simple things. For that I thank you so much and hope that we can become great friends! =)



Klaudea said...

You are too cute! <3 your blog!

Jian said...

Aww. I hate it when that happens! I always buy something before the new one comes out, and end up regretting it.

And yeah, it's not just you. I also noticed the MAC studio concealer thingy is really dry! I don't prep my under eye or wherever I'm putting it properly, it sinks into my dry-lines! Not a pretty sight. I kind of mix it a little with my liquid foundation on the back of my hand using a foundation brush to try and get it a little more moist! =_= The Tesco one was actually much better. And it only costs £3.50.

Blair said...

Just noticed your description in About Me and I have to say, I love fried onions too hahah XD

Awww what a bummer! Maybe you can trade EOS 500D in, in April?

Anonymous said...

hehe, awhh bless you! don't worry about grammar, you can always edit it =P. hehe.

miss your posts and hope you can start posting again soon =D. XX

Anonymous said...


Tammy said...

Hey Sweetie! Hope you're doing well--don't let school stress you out too much ;) Yay on your new SLR! I've been lemming one too but feel daunted by looking through the reviews and the price!! (Although it's much cheaper than they use to be for sure ^^) As for the english, the best way to improve it is to READ more! haha I found that the less I read on a regular basis, the worse my english gets over time. Hope this helps :)

martha ; said...

i hate that too. it always happens to me with cellphones! As soon as I got my new phone, i saw a dozen more commercials of even better looking phones. >.< oh well. hahaha.

i like your blog. :)

Zoe said...

Wow..I love ur lenses..actually I love the idea of having a dark hair with bright lenses, u look gorgeous hun^^
I wanna try these lenses too but color lenses always irritate my eyes T T..
Love ur camera, show off ur pictures with us..yay^^