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Saturday, 13 February 2010

New Lenses

So 2 weeks ago I have received my lenses that I bought from ulzzangstyle. I must say they did take long to arrive due to the holidays, reaching the required amount of orders, owner being busy. But I trust the website so I didn't worry too much.

I bought 2 this time just because I don't want to feel like I want another pair and then having to order again lol.

Geo Honey Wing

Geo Nudy Grey

& came with cute lense cases ^_^

I just opened the Nudy Grey lenses because I don't want to have so much lenses opened.

Taken with my new Canon EOS 500D ^_^ (no more mobile phone camera quality nhe nhe nhe)

I like the idea of having very dark hair and bright eyes (not too bright though), it gives a nice contrast :)
Wish my hair was black like Snow White >_< but I can't dye my hair since I'm too scared my hair will fall out even more T_T so I said to myself I will dye it when I'm much older and need to cover the greys LOL

I'm wearing Everyday Minerals foundation and blusher (All Smiles). My new fave <3 Will do a review on them in the next post hopefully ^_^

Say hello to my new camera:

Loveeeeeee it!!! Can't wait to get my tripod and remote control, then I'll be ready to go and discover the beauty of the world ^_^ YAYYY no more days at home and being bored (though the weather needs to get a bit better, it's been freezing!)

Happy Chinese New Year folks!



Saving Capulet said...

ngaw ive always wanted to have one of them geo lenses! they look super pretty on you :D

Blair said...

Nudy Grey looks great on you! I need to get myself some circle lenses too!! =D

Anna said...

Waaa, you look so dainty and dolly.

HAPPY CNY, sun leen fai lok :D

Aralka said...

You look beautiful!
I love your face, like a doll!
and of course nice lenses :*

Aralka said...

Ohhh <3
Thank you for your cute comment on my blog ^_^
I like you, hehe :3

I've just watched 7th episode of Buzzer Beat. You must watch it, definitely! It's such a great drama!
romance <333
I want to have a boyfriend like Yamapi <33 He looks stunning in this drama <333

I'm glad that you like my videos <3


Anonymous said...

lovely lenses and lovely camera!!! right what model is it and how much? ;)

your skin is flawlesss =). and you have black hair already! hehe. did you order the EDM foundation and blusher from there website? I really wanted to try there stuff but the shipping was insane >_>


e.motion in motion said...

They look great on you! I really wanna try the Nudy's but I want the color to show up... I have angels & wings that look nice in pictures but they don't show up too well IRL =[ how does the color show up with these?

Awesome new cam love!<3

aly said...

U look so pretty in grey!! Lol.

Tammy said...

Nudy Grey is my favorite! :D

Strawberry`mt said...

"but I can't dye my hair since I'm too scared my hair will fall out even more "


pretty lenses btw :] i need to open mine soon! gta get some contact lens case first xD

Anonymous said...

the camera certainly loves you...
what lovely eyes!

Glenn Kun said...

Nice Camera. Well, I think you are cute even without lenses.

Anonymous said...

Oh WOW I just ordered the Gray & Blue ones ^_^ ! They look lush on you ! How long did it take to deliver to you ?!

Lisa Drives A Van said...

Hellllo! happy vietnamese and happy valentines day! did you do anything special to celebrate? love your pictures, the quality is amazing :D and your skin looks flawless. the lenses look amazing too, didn't expect the greys to look like that. i'm thinking of ordering some new lenses because last time i ordered two pairs but the green ones are really uncomfortable for some reason >.< whenever i put the green ones in my eyes become blood shot straight away and its really quite painful :S i dont have a clue why, maybe they are fakes? i'll look forward to seeing more pictures from your new camera soon. get experimenting! :)

WLOVEXO said...

Hey :3

I've always wanted to try circle lenses, but I never got around to doing so :\ I really like the colors you bought! Maybe you can give me some recommendations/advice? ;]

Thanks for following our blog <3


Kym said...

the grey looks great on you! and i know.. not sure why us asians like hard massages.. when i was little, it was a nightly routine for me to walk on my dads back. hahaha!

xbbkay said...

the nudy grey looks great on you!

Anonymous said...

Contacts look so pretty on you! YAY to the new canon!!

Torie Jayne said...

they look great! Have a sweet day!

leslielovesmakeup said...

hey hey cutie! i actually have the canon rebel t1i. but join the canon dslr club! you'll love ur pictures so much more now! let me know if you ever have questions on dslr's too. i'm no pro but i can prob figure out that main stuff.

Klaudea said...

Nudy grey looks great on you! I love the honey wing :) I'm sure you'll love it too! The brown is very natural and it sort of glows when it hits the light! very unique!

You're camera is so drool-worthy. I'm currently lemming over cameras and I've got my eye on the latest panasonic lumix hd.... it look so smexy.... :)

You are gorgeous! :D

Musicalhouses said...

Those lenses look great on you! And your cmera looks seriously professional!

Stacy said...

love it, so perfect


Klaudea said...

You're comment is too sweet hun!

Yes you are right! I didn't want to cut my bangs at the hairdressers because they always charge you an arm & a leg just because we are girls!!


I think I know which dslr you're friend has :) I remember looking at it too!

Now all I need is $$ LOL

Cyd said...

OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG IT LOOKS SO PRETTTY.....I only have a pair of circle lenses...i got mine like 2-3weeks ago and i love it. I have the GEO - Angel brown. I wanted to get the Nudy grey but i weren't sure..until i saw your post...it looks so pretty on you....i just ordered a geo nudy violet 2days ago.... awwww You're Beautiful. Stay Gorgeous!!! I hope you'll have an amazing day. take care

Love, Cydia
btw, i just followed u hehee

Dana Yoshimizu said...

oOo I love your lenses! I need to get my hands on some XD

&& LUCKY you for your new camera!! ^___^

Anita (*swtexcape*) said...

those lenses look great on you, especially with your black hair, they really make your eyes stand out :D so pretty! xx

ladyish said...

good for you about the hairdye. I love natural black hair, but once you start dying your hair it really is an addiction. You'll constantly want to change it up :/
I never should've started.
you're really pretty (:

vanillabeanlatte said...

the nudy grey contacts look awesome!! just became your new follower :) hope you can do the same for a new blogger here :)

Cyd said...

Hi love,

Thanks for your sweet comment & following my blog =] heheheehee you're making me really wanna get the nudy grey....but does these lenses make your eyes feel kinda dry or tired or even burry sometime? its my first time wearing it and i find it its kinda burry & dry sometime urrggggggg hahaahahaa and yea these lenses can be so addicting...sooner or later we're gonna have a huge collection of it hahahaa thats not good in a way... i thought spending a lot of money on make up is horrible already now...lenses too...hahahahhaa anyways hope you'll have a beautiful sunday. stay gorgeous! take care

Love, Cydia

Cyd said...

Hi hun,

awwwwww thanks for your sweet comment. I don't use to wear lipstick until this pass few months. I have SO MANY lipsticks now. I don't buy anything else but lipsticks lol its horrible. I stop buying eyeshadow because I know i don't really use it..i kinda feel quilty for buying a lot of makeup too...i think i have a lot of makeup..its all blogging and youtube's fault LOL...

and yea i was wearing my lenses today. I just took it off an hr ago..which it would be 5hrs straight or wearing it..right after i take it off, my eyes feel so..tired and dry urggg i love lenses but sometime if i wear it for too long it will gives me a little headache (7hrs) and yea i do have eye drops..but I don't use it when i go out because I don't excatly know how to use it when i have makeup on LOL...i usually drop some on my lid and let it slide down to my eye hahahahhahaaa so if i have makeup on i can't really do that LOL..ahahahhaa how many lenses do you own now? aahahaha

Love, cydia

misscindee said...

hi Linh,
I've always wanted to try those lenses but never got around to ordering it. They look great on you.

witoxicity said...

How nice to have a Canon now! You look like a pro there. :)

Gosh, you look stunning in the pics. Sweet and adorable AND stunning!

-elle♡ said...

OMGOSH IM IN love with your camera!! i so want one...but i cannot afford ocne again.

ur so fking gorgeous<3 u look amazing in those lenses =)

Cyd said...

Hi love,

Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog. hehehee I didn't wear that crazy look out hahahahaa I was just bored at home...sometime i look beaten with those look too..as soon as i show my sisters my look they were "WOW...Please don't wear that out" LOL...

drocks said...

i love geo lenses, but they literally kill my eyes when i wear em. but they absolutely look great on you. too bad i cant keep them on for long periods of time. otherwise loving the pictures :)

Coco said...

awww those lens look so sweet on you and your skin looks AMAZING! you're so pretty :)

DSK Steph said...

cute cute lenses!

euzeenee said...

the nudy grey looks great on you! :)
I was split between the nudy grey and the ash wing :/ but in the end i purchased the ash wing. hopefully it looks good ^^

nice blog btw, following you!

Tara said...

u look lovely! new follower

check out my blog@ beneaththesunn.blogspot.com

Anonymous said...

Hey Linh =).

You okii? You've not blogged in ages >_>!! Hope you been alright and what not. Love Linda XX

Emma said...

I love your blog! We are both beauty lovers!Check out mine if you are fighting pimples too!

Charlie said...

i love the lenses on you. im thinking of buying some too.. do they hurt when you wear them?
click ♡