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Sunday, 18 October 2009

Haul & EOTD

Wow long time no post T_T sorry, been so busy with school work it's unbelievable. But I have been reading and commenting on your blogs :D hehe can't neglect you guys <3

What I bought recently:

~ Maybelline Dream Matte Powder
~ Revlon Colorstay 12 Hour Eyeshadow Quad in 20 Sunrise, Sunset
~ Revlon Contour Shadow Brush

I needed wanted a good affordable powder to set my foundation. Heard many reviews on how great it was and it is very I must say. The min I apply this, it makes my skin feel so soft and airbrush! I chose 05 Apricot Beige, the colour selection looks very similar so I chose this out of random O_O of course I wouldn't choose the first one because I don't want the lightest shade. This is definately HG stuff :D It's around £6 something, nearly £7. I like the mirror at the bottom but I don't use the puff to apply it, instead I use my powder brush.

I just had to get this after seeing Aly's recent looks. I just love the colour combo, it goes so well together and since I've been into purple and yellow a lot lately this palette has made its justice :D (<--- is that how you say it? O_O) The colours are buildable and spraying some water onto a brush will result in a more darker and vibrant look. I got this for £2 cheaper, payed nearly £6 but normally it's around £8.

I don't know how long I been eyeing this but I'm so happy that I finally got it! At least now I can blend out the eyeshadow if I'm ever wearing any. So glad it's finally available in the UK. This is the only brush I wanted from the whole range. I can't stress out enough to say how soft this brush is! Perfect for blending out all those harsh lines :D It looks somewhat similar to the 226 from MAC but it was only there for a limited time and it's discontinued now. Though that one had a more pointy top:

Nevertheless, the Revlon one was only around £8, so much cheaper than the MAC one. I really love this brush so much! The bristles are not too long unlike MAC's 224 so it gives a more precise application and makes blending effortless ;D. The handle is also long for control. So if you're looking for an inexpensive blending brush, do try this Revlon one, I know you'll love it xD

So now onto EOTD but I'll include some stuff I used for my face as well.

Items used:

~ Revlon Colorstay Foundation in Sand Beige (C/O skin)
~ Maybelline Dream Matte Powder in 05 Apricot Beige
~ Revlon Colorstay Eyeline in Black
~ Maybelline Experwear Blush in 67 Pinky Gold / or Rose
~ Revlon Colorstay 12 Hour Eyeshadow Quad in 20 Sunrise, Sunset
~ No 7 Smokey Eye Palette (brown shadow for the eyebrows)
~ Original Sleek Palette (black to intensify the crease & yellow on the middle of the lid)

So many times I tried doing a smokey eye look but it never turned out right! Always looked muddy or as if someone punched me in my eye =_=. I think I have done a better job this time :D all thanks to the Revlon brush lol! Yeah I that brand, it's sooooooooo good! xD

Anywho, I'll leave you with some pictures I took in the woods with my photography class:

Nevermind, only one because they're taking too long to upload =_= will post some more in the next post. Sleepy nows, why does it always take me so long to post a post O_O like freaking 4 hours O_O I guess it's all the uploading and watermarking =_= *sigh* need to find a new faster way soon.

Hope everyone is well! :D



Tammy said...

aww I think your eotd looks cute :)

(or at least not muddy haha)

*aly said...

Hey, you did a great job at that. And I'm glad you got the palette, I' definitely gonna have to consider buying that brush(in UK), I do have the 226 but you make the Revlon one seem better. XX) Anyways, about watermarking, you should try irfan view. I've heard about it but I haven't had the time to download it myself. ;) Crappy internet so I can't seem to upload all my other smokeys this week but it allows me to comment even though it takes ages to load the page which explains why I'm babbling here instead of on my blog. Lol.
Now I think I need to figure out how to get my brows as neatly groomed as yours cuz eyebrows are my biggest weakness =P in case you haven't noticed. Love your contacts BTW!!

Blair said...

Dang, I want me that brush!!!

I love your EOTD! Keep them coming :)

Sweetie, do you own the Storm palette? Which one do you prefer?

Uinisan said...

Oh I've heard about the rave on the Maybelline Dream Matte Powder as well... so affordable and great to use and you seem to agree hahahahaha... more the reason for others to try it out :) Thanks.

lilluna5416 said...

lovely eye look i should look into the rev quads

Anna said...

i saw that brush tooo, i shall have to get it now >:3
you take photography class? ;o
i don't think the college i want to go to even does that course ):

yoli said...

nice blog

leslielovesmakeup said...

yes we gotta love the food!

...SimMiChikO said...

awesome haul and pretty shimmery eotd!

Jian said...

Very pretty! I must also congratulate you on your blending! I am rubbish at it hahaha. =_=;;;

And that Revlon palette looks really tempting...I don't think I have any colours like that, although I feel like I should be wearing darker colours now it's turning almost winter. IT'S FREEEEEZING!!

chicken4life-musiq said...

read all of it but kinda didn understand at al lol the only thing was "brush"..maybe because im a guy lol.haha keep it it up ur collection is coming up nows.. get more colours =D...

Toothfairy said...

oh yeah! I almost forgot that you're taking photography classes! You should post some more pix, really cool!


Alex said...

your reviews are so useful! i love getting hands on affortable yet effective products, thanks for all the effort for this review and your recommendations :)


stellawantstodie said...

love those maybelline matte, I get it too! and I really like!


Sarah said...

I love your mini haul and your EOTD as well! :D I wish I could take pictures as good as you do, but sadly I don't have a good camera. :( Time to start saving! lol

M said...

i like it! a pretty eotd! :)

Lorien BeautyLove said...

Your eotd looks awesome!!! Gorgeous colours. I cant wait to run out of my MAC Pressed powder so I can purchase some Maybelline Matte Powder! Heard so many great reviews! Hopefully it doesnt clog pores like my MAC does! x

No soy tu estilo said...

lovely blog

Lisa Drives A Van said...

Hiiiii darling! thanks for your concern, its just a hectic and stressful time at the moment as i have to apply for university and the deadline is tomorrow >.< it's all so overwhelming and the boyfriend said he would help and he doesn't bother doing anything to help or contact me because making new 'friends' at uni is so much more important..not.... so annoying!!

Anyway i love that revlon palette, i ALWAYS try it out in boots but i don't know why i haven't bought it yet lmao!

i adore your eye make up look! job well done :D is the revlon color stay foundation any good? ive heard so many good things about it but i'm worried about buying one as it probably won't match my skin colour! i am also envious that you have your coloured lenses :'( ive got to wait until next month for mine! hopefully time flys by..


Ahleessa said...

I'm just blog hopping and noticed the Revlon eyeshadow palette. It's so gorgeous! :)

❤ »Twee. said...

Cute blog, I love that look it looks natural and not overdone ^_^

Yumeko said...

you need to do more looks sweets! <3
do more with the sleek palette!

Anonymous said...

Yes woman the amount of work I have got, I seriously wanna burn the papers so bad but then I would have to start all over again T__T ugh!!

Loving the angel brown, it's not one I've tried yet & I am in love with them now!

You know what I dislike about doing my eyes - it looks so good when I do it, few hours in the wind and moving about it goes all smudgy and gives me panda eyes ><"

You got next week off? I don't have half term til xmas I'ma go mad!

Oh & yes I needed to dye it back to black! IT was terrible my hair was so dry it will probably end up dropping of ><" Don't dye your hair yet, enjoy the softness & silky shine - AH HOW I MISS THAT :( *STEALS LINH'S HAIR*

T; ♥

Lisa Drives A Van said...

Afternoon! im hopefully gonna finish my uni aplication during the half term so its all good :D im no longer stressed haha.

i might treat myself to that palette you know or even the revlon foundation. sounds good that it stays on the whole day! i hate it when my make up fades throughout the day :'( im using a foundation by 'couvrance' at the moment, my mum bought it in america but i believe they sell it in boots too :)

they said the lenses will arrive early november! yayyyyyy, thats quite soon :D the lenses cost $36 alltogether including shipping, for two pairs. thats a bargain right? how much did you pay for your ones? i hope yours come soon too! do take pictures so i can see them aswell


Aralka said...

thank u for your comment
So you like Revlon, yeah? ^-^
Nice palette I like it. What do you think about this powder?

Yes, my birthday is soon.
When is your birthday?


Zoe said...

Nice haul..love the palette colors, ur eotd looks so gorgeous, love it^^