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Sunday, 3 January 2010

Boxing Day (Part 1)

Wow I am so late but better late than never right? I have already declared that I am never going out on boxing day, let's see if I do that this year.

Can you guess how many times I been shopping since boxing day? Practically 5 days in a row. It was such a chaos. Especially River Island, every single shoe was on the floor and clothes were hardly even hanging on the racks. I tripped over so many hangers and the security guard kept on saying sorry and slyly pushed all the hangers on the floor into a corner LOL! I didn't get any clothes on boxing day, but I did get some the days after but I'll post that in my part 2. So all I got was make-up which wasn't that exciting coz I was just stocking up but I did get some new things to try out :)

Ohh I did take some photos of my eye make-up I did on that day although you can't really see it, I thought I would post anyway :)

I used my Chanel palette which has been neglected to the extent that my mum took it and it's been with her for let's say a good amount of time.

The brown is literally gone but I just kept on swirling my brush like crazy monkey anyway. Wondering why it's finished before all the other colours? Well it was when I was loving the brown too much and applied it all the time! So that's why it's finished =_= Ohh and this was also my first eyeshadow quad/palette so that also explains the excitement of using an eyeshadow LOL.

Here's what I bought:

I'm such a Revlon fan. I think this is the only brand I like to buy from consistently that is a lower end brand.

I bought another brush of theirs (note: I actually want all but I am currently trying to stop this urge to go and buy them) which is the 'all over shadow brush'. It's really soft and applies the shadows really nicely so definitely a good buy!

Revlon All Over Shadow Brush
Price: £6.86

All I can say is that I love this stuff <3 There's so many reviews on this & I'm sure most of you know that this stuff is great :)

Revlon ColorStay Foundation in 180 Sand Beige
Price: £11.99

My eyeliner was running out so I got another one.

Revlon ColorStay Eyeliner in Black
Price £5.99

I finally bought my first lipstick! I thought lipsticks could never work on me because I would never know what colour to get. Lipsticks are far easier to choose from, since they suit everyone in my opinion, but lipsticks are different. They can take longer to apply too but that's where sophistication comes in. There can be so much style, culture and emotion with wearing just a lipstick. I've only just realised that so my apologies if you already know so.

This is from the matte collection that came out quite a long time ago. I wanted a matte lipstick so that I could change from the 'oh-so-glittery' lip gloss to a less sparkling and more natural option. Not that I wear much lipgloss these days anyway, I loathe the hair sticking onto gloss. I been meaning to get this but I wanted to wait until there was 3 for 2 offer :)

Revlon Matte Lipstick in 003 Mauve It Over
Price: £7.29

& here's me sporting it:

Quite a nice and natural colour which I really like :)

Ohhh and last but not least I finally bought something from MAC! First Mac purchase ever, lol got so excited.  There's not much that I like from Mac apart from their blushes, eyeshadows and maybe their brushes but the brushes are so expensive. So I finally made up my choice being there for 30mins!

Bought a...*drum rolls*
BLUSH! *applause* LOL

Took me so long to choose and I had to get some help from the staff there. I asked for a blush that was kind of pinky but has a hint of coral and just a little bit of shimmer. At the end she picked the blush in 'peachykeen' which is the one I picked up at the start! Think I should go with my instincts next time and save time to not ask the staff there.

Now I need a good blusher brush to apply this.

Woah now that was a long post. So to finish off this post I will leave you with my Raffaello that I have been munching on this whole holiday. It was truly a heaven :)

Hope you're all doing well =)



e.motion in motion said...

Lol I tried to avoid the craziness of holiday shopping as much as possible XD

You have really pretty eyesss!! How is the foundation and eyeliner? I have been interested in both but never bought before.

The lippie looks fabulous on you!! It seems like it would be really dark but it's super pretty and natural =)

Nicol said...

the lip colour looks gorgeous on you!
didnt know revlon did brushes. is it from superdrug?
have the exact same foundation as you =P random xD

Tammy said...

The blush looks really cute! You should review it soon :D And you should definitely wear more lipstick. The shade you have looks so natural on you ^^

...also, I'm so impressed you've hit pan and finished off an entire eyeshadow fill...I've never been able to do this once in my life without breaking it and shattering it into a million pieces XD

I didn't know the UK has boxing day!

viickietoria said...

you have such pretty eyes! oh and can you do a review on the relvon colorstay foundation? haha i've always wanted to try it. btw you have such a pretty smile! haha i felt SO excited when i got my first mac product... <3 ahh good memories. .haha xD

Bili said...

XD A first MAC purchase is always exciting.

ning * star said...

is a neutral look !

Zoe said...

I love ur EOTD , looks so cute and also the lipstick color looks great on u ^^Good choice of selecting that MAC blush , the color looks so pretty to me.
U always look super pretty in ur pictures^^

Miss Vendella said...

love the eye make u. And lol again the same color foundation. ahaha i guess we have a lot in common besides the onions :D Have a great day girl. xoxo

Jordy's Beauty Spot said...

This is such a good post.
your lips look gorgeous and i love those white chocolates!!

Lorien BeautyLove said...

Love the lipstick! I bought my first lipstick this year aswell, but got puyt off cos the colour was WAAAAY too dark! Then I got MACs lipstick in "Myth" and I wear that every so often, but I definitely still am a gloss girl :)

You got peachykeen! You should do a review on it :) Ive never bought a MAC blush! But definitely want to try one.. either Dollymix, Well dressed or Peachykeen . Uhhh decisions, decisions!

Anonymous said...

Oooo! I've been meaning to get that MAC blush for a while now! I'll get it next time I'm in town =D.

I also want to try Revlon colorstay foundation but last time I went to Superdrug, I got the foundation all over my bloody LV bag =/. Anyway, is the foundation full coverage? Or is it buildable? And does it break you out? xD

Lovely haul though =D.


Anonymous said...

Linh you beautiful bum ^^
That lipstick is niceeee!! FO'SHO!!
Gorgeous smile as always, I see you;re in love with ur angel brown hehehe!

Great to see 2010 is going good hehe. miss ya lovely xx

drocks said...

ive never had a chanel quad, but i can see why you used it i probably wouldve been the same way :) the look you had on is really cute and peachykeen is a blush i am yet to try out maybe i should go and get it lol

leslielovesmakeup said...

ooh Chanel :)

Toothfairy said...

hahaha I so get why the brown is already finished before the others! brown shadows are the prettiest!

like the look linh!


Organised Chaos said...

i gave you an award over at mine :D x

ko0ty said...

Nice look babe.. you look flawless. Happy new year!!

Miss Vendella said...

There were other things i noticed not long ago that we both do/use. Weird huh? :D

Blair said...

Mauve It Over looks so good on you! I like it alot =D

Yup, MBD masks are sold in drugstores in Malaysia. It's more expensive than getting them online though, but at least I am assured that they are authentic =D

Miss Vendella said...

Thanks for the super nice comments.
About the UGG's i want to try them but a friend of mine told me that they get wet really easy when there is a lot of snow... -__-
And for the lashes, they may be long, but they don't curl as easily and they don't stay curled for long. Btw so happy someone liked my EOTD.^__^ i'm no make up artist but was very pleased with the result so i thought i would share. :P

Have a gorgeous day sweetie! :)


LovelyKimi said...

hii thank you for your comment.
I like your circle lens you so very cute.

happy new year

Hyuna said...

Love your haul items :)
Also really cute make-up. Lol the same thing happens to me all the time with palettes...I always end up favoring one color and use it all the same.

JoeyAnna said...

wow i love it all!
the lip colour is so girly and natural looking! <3
raffaello is my favourite, yumm!
happy new year!!

Shabwouina said...

Revlon is apparently a good brand yeah ^^ the foundation is very cheap! i must found it! Does it hide well? i mean, does it hide little spot, redness... ?
I LOVE the lipstick color!! and the blush too <3
your contact lenses are cute ^^
Nice blog too ;-)
And happy new year! (no no it's not too late ><)

Manju said...

i'm still shopping like crazy haha, school's starting soon so i need to get as much as i can crammed into the few days of freedom left ;)

you look so pretty! i havent tried the revlon matte lippies. but i LOVE the revlon colorstay lippies

aly said...

Excited bout your haul too. Sorry I haven't been around for a while now. I love peachykeen, sure you'll love it to and that Revlon lipstick is pur-ty. Never really bought anything from Revlon but I will check it out. And I must say you look so ADORABLE!! Oh and I still like your eyebrows! Hehe. Happy New year!! =3

Tammy said...

Hey I added you on Twitter! I dunno how much I'll be using it either but I feel forced to get it cuz everyone seems to be on twitter hahahah

That's a good strategy to just line the upper waterline. Isn't it ironic that people line their lash line to fill in the gaps and it's that very motive that made a gap in mine? ..so sad :( I will definitely try the vaseline thing though... I want my lashes back!

MiuMiu said...

5 days of boxing day shopping? haha i only did half day and came out with a bunch of lush soap.
the mac blushes look so pretty but a bit too opaque for my taste XD

Miss Vendella said...

BTW i have an award for you on my blog!! :)) Go check it out hope you like it :P :))

Imo said...

That lippie looks gorgeous on you! Im in love with that MAC blush too!

bowsnhearts said...

I love the blusher!!!

And you look really sweet!

Lisa Drives A Van said...

Wowwwwww that lipstick suits you so much! i love it! and your mac blusher looks gorgeous. i have noticed that you always make good choices with your make up. and oh my god, i completely agree with how hectic shopping was after christmas. for once i was just sick and tired of shopping because it was so busy and everything was a mess. i left town after about an hour with only two items from the body shop!! you should check out the body shop sale, its sooooo good and eyeliners were £1!

i have missed you tooooo but im back on blogger.. until i become lazy all over again ;D hahah. also if you run out of raffaello let me know, my mum bought TONNES before christmas to give to her friends.. but she never got round to it so we have so many that probably won't be consumed any time soon.

i hope your well! good luck with your exams! and don't worry too much! my first one will be on the 3rd on febuary, not long away but i still haven't revised for it.. very typical of me lmao!

Lisa Drives A Van said...

sorry for my long essay comment haha x

Lisa Drives A Van said...

I think the body shop still have some items online - free delivery! but last time i checked was last week so it could have changed by now. I noticed you like river island.. they have an amazing deal online at the moment where sale items are half price so there are items which are like £5!

haha you will be on a wild goose chase to find reffaellos soon. you better start rationing them before you run out!

ahh! you should be revising now not being distracted by blogger! (i probably sound like your mother right now lol >.<) what subjects do you do? please keep revising :D you can do it.

My twitter name is 'Lisadrivesavan'.. im not sure how to send you the link to my twitter so i'll just give you the name of it haha. im so dumb with all the technical stuff online.

Anonymous said...

I've given you a blog award =). X

Alex said...

Its been longgggggg, man hahah oh and nobody doesn't love revlon, i started out with revlon actually.

On a side note, that looks delicious!!!

Anonymous said...

Birth is much but breeding is more. 加油! ....................................................

DangerouslyBeauty said...

Is it wrong that out of all the stuff you've shown in this post the raffaelos are my favourite? Hehe, but some lovely buys like the bush and I need to start checking Revlon out. Much love xxx Please please follow me?